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Company Info

We welcome you to our website which will give you an insight into our company’s extensive experience and capabilities.

Steven Bain Constructions Pty Limited was established in 1993 by Steven and Vanessa Bain.  We have continuously served the Northern Beaches of Sydney specialising as builders in residential construction.

Our aim is to provide you with the best possible building outcome and leave you with the feeling that is has been an enjoyable and rewardable experience, complete on time and on budget.

We achieve this by using our many years of experience in supervising and organising various building projects.  We limit our workload which enables us to devote our attention and time to complete your building project efficiently.

With our network of architects, designers and contractors, many of whom have been with us for more than 20 years, we can undertake all your building needs.  We can work with your own plans or you can take advantage of our ‘design and construct’ service.

We have a well established, solid team of employees and local contractors with a long history of working well together.

We have been operating for many years and intend to be around for many more.

There is no substitute for experience.  We invite you to seriously consider us for your next building project.  We can be sure you will not be disappointed.


Our building history did not just start 18 years ago.  It began in the 1960’s when Steven’s father, Ken, was busy building homes in the newly subdivided suburbs of Sydney’s Northern Beaches and Upper North Shore.  Together with his business partner, Ted Kingham, they operated for over 40 years growing a very successful and well respected building career trading as Profile Constructions Pty Limited.

During the early 1980’s with the shortage of vacant land on the Northern Beaches,  the family business made a move to the first floor addition market and helped pioneer building techniques that are still used today to efficiently build first floor additions on to existing dwellings.

It is with the help of this and our own experience and knowledge that we are able to provide a high level of service to our clients today.

Apart from growing up on a building site, Steven’s building career officially started in 1982 with a carpentry apprenticeship in the family business.  By 1988, his apprenticeship and ‘Clerk of Works Certificate’ were completed.  Steven was now qualified to apply and was awarded a full builder’s licence.

With a full builder’s licence in hand, Steven teamed up with colleague, Brett Kingham, and established Prowin Constructions.  After a busy 6 years the business grew to a point where their projects spread from the Northern Beaches in the east, to Windsor in the west.  It was in 1993 they decided to stablish their own building companies with Steven taking the Northern Beaches and Brett taking the North West.

Since 1993, Steven Bain Constructions has been producing quality building work with many happy clients.  Our aim has never been to be the biggest building company, but to have a satisfied client base with great referrals.  It is a formula that has worked for our family for well over 40 years, producing a well respected name within the building industry.


The most important element in any efficient is its design. Good building design should include consideration in relation to building orientation, shading, glazing options, cross ventilation, and thermal mass.

Air Quality

Indoor air quality is fast becoming a regular topic of discussion. As our buildings become more airtight, ventilation becomes more important. It might be as simple as opening a window, however considering an ERV (Energy Recovery ventilation System) is the ultimate in healthy living.


It doesn’t matter what type of climate you are building in, installing as much insulation as possible will greatly increase level of comfort, both summer and winter.

Our Commitment

Not all builders have the knowledge to build their clients a special place to live.

For more than 25 years, Steven Bain Constructions has been a passionate advocate to build better performing homes. After building for a Norwegian expat in the 1990’s we have constantly been improving our knowledge and skills.