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What is it ?

Greensmart is an initiative of the ‘Housing Industry Association’ .  It is an accredited training course providing builders with the knowledge to advise clients about energy efficient products and building design.

We see the opportunity to include energy efficient products and design during building works as huge cost advantage.

The cost of installing many products as a ‘one off’ to a finished building can become restrictive, with the initial expense far out weighing the benefit of ongoing savings in energy and water.  Whilst renovating and/or extending you will most likely be upgrading some of your homes infrastructure.  Therefore the necessary trades will be on site, together with some very attractive Government rebates this makes the installation of energy saving products far more cost effective.

Some items may include;

  • Solar hot water with gas booster. This is potentially an item that could save you the most in energy costs.  We have been very impressed with the performance of this type of hot water system and some great rebates apply when replacing an existing hot water unit.
  • Water Tanks.  We recommend installing the largest capacity tank that is practical.  If enough storage can be obtained the whole house can be serviced, together with a mains water diverter (for when the tank runs low) and a good quality water filter you will get the optimum benefit from your stored water.  It is recommended that the kitchen remains on town water.
  • Lighting.  With the fazing out of incandescent light globes there is a move towards fluorescent and led lighting.  You won’t have to settle for the ‘pig tail’ look light globe as the performance and style of alternative products is improving everyday, consideration should be made as to each rooms lighting requirements.
  • Insulation.  Although a requirement of BASIX , insulation provides a huge benefit to the comfort and performance of a building. We recommend as much insulation be installed as possible.
  • Design.  The most important element in any efficient building is its design.  Good building design should include consideration towards; building orientation, shading, glazing options, cross ventilation, and thermal mass.

Together with some early planning and smart thinking your home can be ‘future proofed’ against any energy and water price increases.  Even more importantly you can produce a home that is comfortable to live in.  It doesn’t mean that you have to give up the air conditioner only use it a lot less.