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Greensmart is an initiative of the ‘Housing Industry Association’ .  It is an accredited training course providing builders with the knowledge to advise clients about energy efficient products and building design.

A comfortable and well performing home needs to be built as a complete system.


PV solar (electricity) has become a standard addition to most Australian homes.  With the correct sized system and battery, you can provide the majority of your electricity needs.


A precious and under-rated resource.  Stormwater reuse can be used on the garden but also can be used to fill your toilets and even service the entire house.


As PV solar becomes a standard inclusion to our homes, the electricity it produces can heat our hot water needs during the day and be stored in a tank to be used later in the evening.


The most important element in any efficient building is its design.  Good building design should include consideration in relation to building orientation, shading, glazing options, cross ventilation, and thermal mass.


Indoor air quality is fast becoming a regular topic of discussion.  As our buildings become more airtight, ventilation becomes more important.  It might be as simple as opening a window, however, considering an ERV (Energy Recovery Ventilation System) is the ultimate in healthy living.


It doesn’t matter what type of climate you are building in, installing as much insulation as possible will greatly increase your level of comfort, both summer and winter.


Not all builders have the knowledge or will to build their clients a special place to live.

For more than 25 years, Steven Bain Constructions has been a passionate advocate to build better performing homes.  After building for a Norwegian expat in the 1990’s we have constantly been improving our knowledge and skills.